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Staub Baby Wok Black Round-16 Cm

Staub Baby Wok Black Round-16 Cm

Brand: Staub

$ 123.00

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SKU: STA-405113010

A member of the ZWILLING group since 2008, STAUB has cast iron and ceramic cookware for consumers seeking the authentic and emotional experience of cooking and tasting. All STAUB enameled cast iron products are produced in France under strict quality standards that make the brand the choice of Chefs.

The wok originated in the rural regions of Asia, where it was invented over 2000 years ago. Its biggest advantage is its semi-spherical shape that makes it possible to cook all food effectively with a weak heat source. Today, the wok has become a staple in any kitchen in the world.

The Asian frying pan has a flat bottom and, as a result, is suitable for all types of stoves, including induction ones. This utensil is a reference for healthy and tasty cooking and allows the preparation of a wide variety of delicious dishes. Its most typical use is quick preparation over high heat: vegetables, meats and fish are sautéed very quickly, maintaining not only their flavors but also their nutritional values. Glass lid allows you to monitor cooking.

MaterialCast iron


Size16 cm

Dimension21.7X21.5X16.7 CLA(cm)

Heat sourcesGas stove - Electric stove - Induction stove - OvenPFOA-freeYes

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