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Staub Oil & Vinegar Set   Dark Blue -0,25l

Staub Oil & Vinegar Set Dark Blue -0,25l

Brand: Staub

$ 69.00

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SKU: STA-405117890

Present oil and vinegar in this decorative STAUB oil and vinegar set, which consists of two attractive 0.25 L ceramic bottles for pouring oil and vinegar more easily. The spout on each bottle pours liquid accurately, whilst the small protective caps shield the contents from contamination. The unmistakable STAUB logo is embossed on the front of each bottle, which is also marked with the French words for vinegar and oil so they don't get mixed up. This STAUB Ceramics oil and vinegar set is a real accent piece for your kitchen.

Two bottles with a capacity of 250ml

Available in various colours

Easy to clean thanks to enamelled surface

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