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Staub Cocotte Cherry Round-10 Cm
Staub Cocotte Cherry Round-10 Cm
Staub Cocotte Cherry Round-10 Cm

Staub Cocotte Cherry Round-10 Cm

Brand: Staub

$ 104.00

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SKU: STA-405097990

The STAUB casserole is unsurpassed for cooking meats and vegetables slowly with perfect tenderness, and also for cooking stews and soups. Cast iron has exceptional heat retention qualities as the pan heats evenly. The innovative lid features small spikes inside that continuously release condensed liquid back into the food, producing moist, aromatic and tasty results. STAUB's special matte black enamel interior and the lid with irrigation system ensure a perfect golden roast for food printing better flavor. With its exquisite enamel finish, each piece transitions beautifully from the kitchen to the table. From homemade food to sumptuous dinners, every dish is special when served at STAUB. STAUB enameled cast iron cookware is the choice of the best chefs in the world. With exceptional durability, it is perfect for everyday use in gourmet home kitchens and prestigious restaurants around the world. Cast iron can be heated or cooled to extreme temperatures, so these pans can be used as coolers. It can be used in all heat sources, including induction. Scratch and rust resistant. It can be taken entirely to the oven as its brass or nickel-plated handle is heat resistant up to 250 °C. In addition to all these benefits, iron is a highly sustainable material because it is durable and reusable. Built to last a lifetime, these heritage pieces can be passed down from generation to generation.

Material Cast iron

ColourCherry Red

Size10 cm

Dimension13X7X9.9 CLA (cm)

Heat sourcesGas stove - Electric oven - Induction stove - Oven

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