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Lekue Calm Tea Infuser Brown
Lekue Calm Tea Infuser Brown
Lekue Calm Tea Infuser Brown
Lekue Calm Tea Infuser Brown
Lekue Calm Tea Infuser Brown

Lekue Calm Tea Infuser Brown

Brand: The Potlok

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SKU: 0303010M08M017

Infuser for teas and infusions. Awaken your senses with all the aromas, flavours, sounds and sensations of your own wellness ritual!

´╗┐This hourglass-style borosilicate glass infuser allows you to infuse and filter any type of tea. Let time stand still and enjoy a calm and relaxing experience. Awaken your senses with your own wellness ritual!


The infuser is made up of two transparent borosilicate glass jars so that the content can be seen. Inside there are two markings that mark the amount of water to fill, depending on whether you want one or two servings. The jars are suitable for microwave use.


The removable filter is comprised of a valve that allows filtering and a dripper that recreates a rainfall effect while the infusion or tea is being filtered.


With a platinum silicone band for heat protection during the preparation of your drinks.


500 ml capacity that makes it ideal for preparing one or two cups.


Finding quality time for yourself outside of the routine will help you relax, reduce stress, and improve your mood. Give yourself a few minutes to make tea and turn the process of infusing the tea into your daily moment of relaxation!


How does it work? 

Fill one of the two glass jars with water (one or two servings as indicated on the glass), warm the water in the microwave for 2 minutes, and close with the other recipient and filter. Let it infuse for the suggested time for each type of infusion. Turn the product over, as if it were an hourglass, and enjoy the rainfall sound effect and filtering process. Ready to serve and enjoy your cup of tea. Let the aromas, flavours, colour and warmth fill your senses, and enjoy its benefits!

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