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Bodum – Bistro Bread Basket Orange

Bodum – Bistro Bread Basket Orange

Brand: The Potlok

$ 79.92

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SKU: 11320-106

Bodum Bistro Bread Basket Comes with 2 bags, one in black and one in white Outer color: Orange Material: Plastic, Cotton, Rubber band Dimensions: 20.5 x 30.5 x 7.5 cm What is it about a cloth that gives any load of bread the air of delicacy? Theoretically, even yesterday's bread would look miraculously fresh when presented in a cloth-lined bread basket – not that we would want to imply that anyone would ever think of serving yesterday's bread. The BISTRO bread basket comes with two cotton linings – one in black and one in white. A rubber band fits the cloth to the basket making for a fabulous restaurant presentation of a simple daily pleasure.

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