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Innovagoods Rechargeable Stunt Car With Remote Control Loopsy 11 X 10 X 13.2 Cm #v0103569 Blue.
Innovagoods Rechargeable Stunt Car With Remote Control Loopsy 11 X 10 X 13.2 Cm #v0103569 Blue.

Innovagoods Rechargeable Stunt Car With Remote Control Loopsy 11 X 10 X 13.2 Cm #v0103569 Blue.

Brand: Maliks

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The Loopsy InnovaGoods rechargeable radio-controlled stunt car is an original and fun toy to entertain children, as it can do all kinds of pirouettes and flips. Its front wheels rotate 360º to be able to do multiple stunts and overcome all types of obstacles. This rechargeable remote control car has a remote control with several commands to make all your movements with ease and comfort. The perfect gift for the little ones to have a great time.


Original, innovative design

remote control toy car

Easy to use, simple commands

Radio control, remote control

Perform stunts and overcome obstacles

All-terrain, adaptable to any surface

Rubber wheels with tire patterns

Front wheels with 360º rotation

Rechargeable batteries included: 3 AA batteries

Includes USB charging cable and instructions for use

On/off on/off switch

Light, compact, easy transport and storage

Recommended for children between 4 and 10 years old

Ideal to give as a first radio controlled car


An all-terrain car so that children can play anywhere, inside or outside the home, since it can be used on all types of surfaces: ground, dirt, asphalt, etc. Its rubber wheels with tire patterns provide greater grip and support.

This radio controlled car works with 3 included rechargeable batteries that must be placed following the instructions in the manual. For charging, a USB-DC cable is also included that must be connected to the car and a USB source for a minimum of 60 minutes. The remote control works with 2 AA batteries, not included. By pressing the up-down arrows on the remote control, the car moves forward or backward. By pressing the left-right arrows , you change direction and do pirouettes.





Color blue

Type: Electric

on/off button: On/off switch

Features: Radio control

Remote control: Battery operated (2 x AA, not included)

2 wheels: 360º rotation

Off-road: Suitable for any surface

Multiposition: Versatile and adaptable

Toy car: Ideal as a gift

Children: For boys and girls

Recommended age: + 3 years

Easy to use: Convenient and simple use

Light and handy: Easy to transport and store

Number of batteries: 3

Rechargeable: USB charging

Battery type: AA rechargeable 1.2 V / 600 mAh / 2.2 W

Batteries included: Yes

Includes: USB charging cable

Approximate charging time: 60 min

Approximate autonomy: 30-45 min

DC In: 5V/1A

Radio frequency: 27 MHz

Approximate measurements: 11 x 10 x 13.2 cm

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