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Satzuma Rapid Target Shooter #rts-4t.
Satzuma Rapid Target Shooter #rts-4t.

Satzuma Rapid Target Shooter #rts-4t.

Brand: Maliks

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SKU: 5055944706711

This all in one set includes everything you need for an exciting target shooting game! Featuring 4 auto reset targets, mini shooter, 10 soft bullets, points counter and a moving track.

• Moving target game - Includes 4 targets, toy gun, 10 soft bullets, 6 piece 100cm track, target mover and LED points counter

• Targets automatically reset after all targets are hit

• Choose static or motion mode - Target travels back and forth along 100cm track for a more challenging game

• Slow or fast motion options

• LED point counter tallies your hits

• Sound effects

• Great for kids and adults

• Powered by 4 x AA batteries (not included)

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