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Fresh & save - Vaccum wine sealer - set of 3
Fresh & save - Vaccum wine sealer - set of 3

Fresh & save - Vaccum wine sealer - set of 3

Brand: Zwilling

$ 32.00

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SKU: STA-368020030

Life is too short to drink bad wine! What do you think: How long can you keep wine after the bottle has been opened? The oxidation process starts immediately the bottle is opened, which is initially a desired effect, particularly for red wine. Wine should “breathe” so that its bouquet and aromas can be released. But if it is in contact with air for too long, wine begins to lose its freshness and flavour. The effect: The wine tastes flat and has to be poured away after two to three days.

No longer! The innovative seal of the FRESH & SAVE Vacuum Wine Sealer reliably slows down this process. Place the seal on the neck of the bottle and the powerful, handy vacuum pump (sold separately: item 36801-000-0) extracts the air from the wine bottle at the press of a button. Aromas and freshness are securely locked in. Sealed like this, your wine will keep fresh longer in the fridge.

The high-quality Vacuum Wine Sealer is not just perfect for wine bottles: Oils and juices also retain their aromas and vitamins much longer when vacuum sealed. Only carbonated beverages are not suitable for storing using vacuum sealing. Coated in stainless steel, the high-quality wine stopper is dishwasher safe and very easy to clean.

The FRESH & SAVE Wine Sealer has dimensions of: 3cm diameter, 4cm height. It weighs 18g.

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