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Zwilling Sharpening Steel

Zwilling Sharpening Steel

Brand: Zwilling

$ 104.00

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SKU: ZWI-32542-310-0

Frequent use causes chef's knives, vegetable or carving knives to lose their sharpness and require resharpening. A good degree of resharpening is achieved using ZWILLING sharpening steel with an oval plastic handle. With its serrated, high carbonised and hard chrome steel blade, this 31 cm sharpening steel is ideal for sharpening all knives with a smooth cutting edge. The oval black plastic handle sits comfortably and in the hand without slipping. This contributes to the easy handling of the sharpening steel. Its blade is resistant to damage. Once the blades have been pulled over the sharpening rod, the knives are ready to cut again: This product helps you get your cutting utensils up and running again quickly and easily.

Sharpening steels with a ridged, highly carbonized and hard chrome-plated steel ensure a good sharpening result.

With a hardness of approximately 62 HRC this sharpening steels are relatively insensitive to damage.

Plastic handle with suspension eye.

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