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Zone Soap Dispenser Ume Black

Zone Soap Dispenser Ume Black

Brand: Bitz

$ 60.00 $ 75.00

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SKU: 330393

Weight 0.42 kg

Dimensions 8.3 × 12.8 cm


Zone Denmark


Black, Grey, White


Stoneware, Soft touch

Soap dispenser with elegant soft-touch coating The Ume soap dispenser from Zone Denmark is - like all products in the Ume series - a design by the designer trio VE2, which has focused on a harmonious interplay of optics, feel and functionality.Ume is the Japanese word forPfla ume nbaum and stands for elegance, patience and strength. The soap dispenser with its delicate contours and special finish is also elegantly designed. The body made of earthenware was then understood with a velvety-soft soft-touch coating, which ensures a pleasant feel and a noble appearance.Optimal pump function The soap dispenser is equipped with a long spout so that an optimal pump function is possible. In combination with other products and different colors of the Ume series, a stylish, inviting bathroom can be set up in which one likes to be.

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