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Vialli – Oil & Vinegar Dispenser
Vialli – Oil & Vinegar Dispenser

Vialli – Oil & Vinegar Dispenser

Brand: The Potlok

$ 13.32

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SKU: 5783

Perfect for preparing meals and for storage. High-quality workmanship, ease of use, and an attractive appearance are the features of this product. It has a gravity spout that opens and closes automatically when tilting the dispenser. Easy and clean pouring thanks to the non-drip system. A glass dispenser with transparent scraps will allow you to display the content and at the same time control its level, at the same time prevent oxidation of the content, which will allow you to preserve the taste for longer. The black and white colors will be perfect for modernist kitchens, and the product, in addition to its functional functions, will also be an interesting decorative accent.

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