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Tramontina Farroupilha Amazonas S3pcs Dessert Knife, 66960/065

Tramontina Farroupilha Amazonas S3pcs Dessert Knife, 66960/065


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SKU: 66960/065

Dessert is often the most anticipated part of a meal, and depending on the dessert, you may need a knife to enjoy it. Tramontina's amazonas stainless steel dessert knife is the perfect choice for dessert time. Made of stainless steel, which ensures high durability, this piece has a tempered blade that provides a resistant, sharp cutting edge. It also has a contemporary mirror finish. Knife with fully tempered blade guarantees a more durable cutting edge, greater resistance to corrosion and will not scratch porcelain. Entirely made in stainless steel, preserving original features and looks, maintaining hygiene and durability ofmaterial. Gloss finish. Suitable for daily use in any environment. The piece can be washed in the dishwasher daily. Dimensions (hxwxd): 0. 03x0. 18x0. 1198cm weight: 600g

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