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Top Fashion Comb Set 10 Pcs

Top Fashion Comb Set 10 Pcs

Brand: Top Fashion

$ 30.00

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SKU: 1181371

Heat and chemical resistant: the comb is heat resistant so it can be used while straightening your hair or simply drying your hair. This helps if you like to use some chemicals like coloring and styling on your hair. Just make sure to wash it off with lukewarm water afterward and it's ready to go again. Professional hairdressing comb - a must-have hair comb for a painless solution to tangled curls. Flawless root-to-tip locks are heat resistant and glide smoothly through damp or dry hair, spreading styling mousse evenly and without leaving streaks. Use for dry and damp hair. Strong quality: these combs are of very good quality, they are very solid; the edges are smooth so they won't catch on your hair like other combs, but both the handle and the teeth are quite thick and strong, a perfect tool for everyday use. Most important: 10 pieces / set, several combs for different hairstyles. Make the hair soft and protect the hair from pulling.

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