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Tognana Antony Uber Cutlery Set 24 Pcs

Tognana Antony Uber Cutlery Set 24 Pcs

Brand: Tognana

$ 100.00 $ 125.00

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SKU: R77993A2785

No household without a proper cutlery. This Tognana Set of Cutlery makes every meal time special, so even a normal day will change to a special event. The black Cutlery Set has a design that never gets old. The stainless steel used is of high quality. Reasons to buy the Tognana Cutlery Set 24 pcs ANTONY UBER Cutlery Set Perfect for any formal or informal occasions The set is from high-end stainless steel Contents of the Cutlery Set: 6 × dining knive 6 × fork 6 × tablespoon 6 × teaspoon

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