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Tefal Secure Compact Pressure Cooker 8ltr

Tefal Secure Compact Pressure Cooker 8ltr

Brand: Tefal

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SKU: P3534446

Making cooking easier every day with advanced safety features and a compact design, the Tefal? SECURE COMPACT pressure cooker is the perfect addition to any kitchen. This high-performance pressure cooker couldn’t be easier to use, with an ingenious system that locks in just one slide and a 5-point security system for cooking with total peace-of-mind. Discover the exceptional convenience of ultra-fast results, to save time in the kitchen every day, and achieve healthier cooking with uncompromising flavor through two different easy-to-use programs. Speed is matched by durability, with a 10-year warranty and performance that’s built to last. With a sleek, 8L format rounding off the ideal pressure cooker package, SECURE COMPACT is the perfect everyday solution to meet all your cooking needs.


Instantly locks in one slide

Discover a pressure cooker that couldn’t be easier to use, with a natural and effortless locking process that requires one single slide, to make cooking smoother and more enjoyable every day.

Safe cooking

Thanks to an ingenious 5-point safety system, your pressure cooker guarantees complete safety day in and day out, for total peace of mind.

Healthy Cooking

Vitamins preserved, up to 80% more of your ingredients’ Vitamin C (compared to a Tefal? stewpot), for healthy cooking and eating.

Fast cooking

Save time by cooking dishes up to two times faster than a Tefal? stewpot (broccoli in the pressure cooker takes just 10 minutes, versus 26 minutes in a traditional pot).

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