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Tefal Les Specialistes - Set Kebbe 28/30cm (1 Set In Stock)

Tefal Les Specialistes - Set Kebbe 28/30cm (1 Set In Stock)

Brand: Tefal

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SKU: j5716683

Tefal oven dish non-stick sturdy construction, dishwasher safe circulates perfect temperature heat ideal for baking and roasting. The oven dish is ideal for variety of baking pastries and roasted fish, chicken, turkey, gizzard and more. It is suitable for all budding bakers, caterers and mothers to have at home or for commercial purposes. The carbon brush-like aluminum material is hard-wearing with sturdy construction which offers great durability. The non-stick interior and exterior coating ensures an easy release of the food from the oven. It is also very easy to clean by manual wash or the use of dishwasher. Tefal oven dish comes in round shape making it an essential piece of utensil in the kitchen. Tefal oven dish features non-stick coating which guarantees the long usage of the item against blistering or peeling. You will get to enjoy longer use when properly cared for and not knocking or dropping it down accidentally. There would be no form of stains, discoloration or scratches on the inside or outside of the smooth body finishing. Baking and roasting food for household or customers would be easier. You will definitely achieve better results and constant flow of new ideas recipes. Tefal oven dish material construction ensures temperature heat circulates perfectly well for delicious pastries and roasted meat. Product features: essential for any kitchen to prepare many dishes such as baked goods made of aluminum ideal distribution of temperature elegant and wonderful design easy to use and clean suitable for serving food to the dining resistance to stick with food to give healthy cooking size: 28/30 cm

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