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HAILO - Tefal Apple Wedger
HAILO - Tefal Apple Wedger
HAILO - Tefal Apple Wedger

Tefal Apple Wedger

USD 15.00 USD 6.50
Fun and colorful products with a unique design. Products dedicated to multi-purpose usages to prepare all fruits or fresh vegetables. 20 gadgets (+ 4 kitchen knives). Featuring julienne peeler, zester, garlic press, avocado slicer, melon baller, peeler, lime squeezer, apple corer, grapefruit spoon, apple wedger, vegetable brush, colander, fruits & vegetables colander, pineapple slicer, lettuce knife, meat shears. 4 shelf displays: onion container, tomato container, garlic container, lemon containe
HAILO - Tefal
SKU K0611414

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