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Taurus Bahia Relax Massage Pedicure

Taurus Bahia Relax Massage Pedicure

Brand: Taurus

$ 81.00



Bahia Relax Taurus massage device, 60 W, 3 speeds, ideal for hydromassage. Product advantages: If the massage machine is used regularly, it regenerates the skin, making it smoother and softer giving you a pleasant sensation; The effect of heat increases tissue elasticity, reduces joint stiffness and relieves stress; The foot bath gives excellent results in case of headaches, headache, colds and facial neuralgia and is useful in cases of excessive fatigue of the lower limbs and for varicose veins; Specifications: 60 W; 3-speed massage; Features: vibrations, bubble hydromassage and infrared heat; Rollers for foot massages; Anti splash shield.

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