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Summer - Salad Bowl & Cutlery - Acqua

Summer - Salad Bowl & Cutlery - Acqua

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SKU: Summer - Salad Bowl & Cutlery - Acqua

Melamine tableware. Enjoy ultra strong and safe dishes High quality materials and dishwasher safe! Exclusive designs, and with many accessories to combine.

100% resistant and safe, fall-proof!

Unbreakable tableware with a unique style that offers comfort and safety as well as being made of the highest quality materials

Large salad bowl with a fine and modern contour, with serving cutlery.

This product is made of high quality melamine and goes with other melamine accessories from the same collection.

The Summer line products have a colour interior and an off-white exterior, ideal for combining with other melamine kitchenware.

All Marine Business kitchenware pieces are made of 100% high density melamine, drop-proof and dishwashe

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