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Staub Roaster Chicken Roaster Black 24 Cm Made Of Cast Iron

Staub Roaster Chicken Roaster Black 24 Cm Made Of Cast Iron

Brand: Staub

$ 240.00

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SKU: STA-405093390

With the round chicken roaster from Staub, your chicken will be extra crispy and taste like it's fresh from the grill. Place the poultry on the roasting pan and place it in the oven. This way it is cooked evenly on all sides and gets a nice crust. To ensure that it cooks through from the inside, the chicken roaster from Staub has a tip made of cast iron, which conducts the heat particularly well. The remaining parts of the chicken roaster are also made of cast iron with a matt black enamel finish. The excess fat drips into its 24 cm diameter drip tray, so that your poultry is tender and low in fat at the end of the cooking time. The large round drip tray keeps the oven clean at the same time, so that food can be the focus when using this roaster. The Staub chicken roaster is suitable for any type of oven and can also be used for other types of poultry. Thanks to its weight, this roaster stands securely in the oven, even with larger poultry, and can be easily put in and taken out again thanks to its two handles. You can also use it to prepare a duck, a small turkey or a delicious partridge in a low-fat and healthy way.

Allows you to prepare chicken - golden brown, crispy on the outside, juicy on the inside.

A seasoned or marinated chicken, guinea fowl or even a small duck is simply placed vertically.

There is space for side dishes in the bowl.

Easy to clean thanks to the smooth surface of the enameled cast iron.

Two pouring spouts on opposite sides Sides allow excess fat or liquids to be poured off


Color: Black

Material: Cast iron

Induction: Yes

Oven suitable: Yes

Stovetop suitable: Yes

Dishwasher safe: Yes


Net weight: 2.67 kg

Product length: 26.20 cm

Product width: 22.20 cm

Product height: 11.50 cm

Top diameter: 24.00 cm

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