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Spraygun Sanijet + Pack Of 10 Powder Cleaner
Spraygun Sanijet + Pack Of 10 Powder Cleaner

Spraygun Sanijet + Pack Of 10 Powder Cleaner

Brand: Ariete

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Ariete Sani-Jet Sanitizing Nebulizer Sanitation is synonymous with safety. With Sani-Jet you can protect your home, workplace or anywhere else! Sani-Jet is the first compact sanitizing nebulizer, handy and easy to use steam cleaner specific for cleaning any surface or environment from Covid-19 *, thanks to the action of Sani-Jet Clean the sanitizing solution whose effectiveness has been tested on surfaces in which Covid-19 was present and which were perfectly sanitized**. Using the Sani-Jet sanitizer is very simple: simply dissolve a sachet of Sani-Jet Clean supplied with the product in tap water. Sani-Jet Clean in water generates 0.1% active chlorine, which can be used for cleaning environments in accordance with the Report of the Italian Higher Institute of Health Covid-19 n.5 / 2020 Rev. 2 of 25/05/2020. At this point it is possible to spray the solution directly on the surface you want to sanitize, directing the special nozzle and choosing the intensity of the jet. Once the product has been applied, it can be removed in less than a minute. * In accordance with the Covid-19 Italian Higher Institute of Health Report n.5 / 2020 Rev. 2 of 25/05/2020. ** Tested to verify the removal activity in accordance with the UNI EN standards dedicated to hygiene and cleaning products. IMMEDIATE EFFECTIVENESS, GUARANTEED SANITATION Ariete has decided to propose a product that is a true ally in daily sanitation. For this reason Sani-Jet is perfect to always keep at hand to sanitize any environment or surface both at home and in the workplace. Sani-Jet is ideal for cleaning domestic environments and much more! It is also perfect for sanitizing commercial areas that need constant sanitation because they are frequented by many customers such as beauty salons and hairdressers, shops and offices, restaurants, bars and many other areas. 200 METERS SQUARED SANITIZED WITH A SINGLE REFILL The powder dissolved in the water of the tank will turn pink in a few moments, indicating that the solution is active and ready for use . By operating Sani-Jet you can spray the solution directly on the surfaces and in the rooms of the house, tables and chairs, doors and handles, and also car interiors and children’s toys. Together with Sani-Jet you will find x10 7g sachets of Sani-Jet Clean and with a single refill, you can sanitize 200 square meters of surfaces and environments. The active solution is kept directly inside the Sani-Jet tank for about 7 days and in any case as long as the pink color of the water is maintained. How is Sani-Jet Clean sanitizing powder used? Step 1: Fill the Sani-Jet tank with 700cc of tap water. Step 2: Pour the contents of 1 sachet of Sani-Jet Clean directly into the tank. Step 3: The water turns pink in minutes and the solution is ready to use! Which environments and surfaces can be sanitized with Sani-Jet? Not just at home! Use the sanitizing force of Sani-Jet for your business or workplace. It is ideal for shoes, accessories, quickly sanitizing waiting areas such as hairdressers and barbers, office desks & PC stations, beauty and wellness centres, tables and chairs in restaurants. Power: 400W Tank capacity: 700cc Nozzle diameter: 1mm + 1 extra Adjustable nebulization intensity: Yes Directions of the jet: 3 Sanitation cover with one refill: 200 sqm 10 sachets of 7gr of Sani-Jet Clean: Yes Cable length: 6m Dimensions (L x W x H): 28 x 12 x 25.5 cm

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