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Simplehuman Liquid Hand Soap_geranium_refill Pouch 1l

Simplehuman Liquid Hand Soap_geranium_refill Pouch 1l

Brand: Simplehuman

$ 17.00

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SKU: CT1018

This clear, fragrance free, soap is pure and simple and rinses throughly for a gentle but effective wash. The 1 litre resealable pouch features a small spout that fits perfectly in any bottle opening for a spill-free pour. Simplehuman soap is the optimum consistency for use with simplehuman sensor soap pumps and manual pumps. The eco-friendly packaging uses less plastic and less energy to manufacture than a conventional disposable bottle. Simplehuman soap is biodegradable, hypoallergenic, and free from toxins, parabens and deas so it's gentle on your hands and the environment.

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