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Sensus Ultrasonic Cleaning Tank For Jewelry

Sensus Ultrasonic Cleaning Tank For Jewelry

Brand: Sensus

$ 50.00

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Sensus Ultrasonic Gentle Jewelry Cleaner Digital ultra-sonic cleaner Large digital timer display Stainless steel tank Tank capacity: 600mL Power supply: 26W Ultrasonic frequency: 42000Hz Clear cleaning effec tAutomatic timer Uses plain tap water Can be used on various household items(Jewelry, Sunglasses, Waterproof watch, etc) ROFFESSIONAL JEWELRY CLEANER MACHINE – This cleaner takes advanced ultrasonic technology, which penetrates deep into the slit of jewelry and quickly cleans the surface and deep stains, giving the jewelry a new appearance. In order to have a better cleaning results, please soak items and add some jewelry solutions into warm water for 4-5 minutes, then using the ultrasonic cleaner to clean. If the gap stain has formed a long-term scale, please soak them for a longer time before cleaning WIDELY APPLICATION AND SUITABLE FOR MANY ITEMS – This jewelry ultrasonic cleaner can be used many kinds of items and areas,and designed for cleaning the jewelry,eyeglasses,watches, rings,necklaces,PACIFIER, pen head, PRINTER CARTRIDGE, invisible braces, contact lenses,etc. But it is not suitable for micro-fiber,pearls,coral,emeralds,jades. In addition,our rings necklaces eyeglass cleaner are also for eyeglasses shop, jewelry shop, watch shop, electronic workshop, office and household use

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