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Sades Gaming Keyboard Sickle, K13

Sades Gaming Keyboard Sickle, K13


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SKU: K13

Professional Gaming Keyboard - Sickle is an enhanced mechanical gaming keyboard packed with 10 illumination modes, floating keypads and RGB side-lighting especially made for your full immersion into the gaming world. 104 Keys Standard Keyboard - Comes with the standard 104 keys supported by anti-ghosting technology and rests on a sturdy metallic panel - 13 multimedia keys combinations, 26 keys non-conflict, strengthened space key. 13 combinations of multimedia keys facilitate the operation and improve efficiency. Ergonomic design, ergonomics Arc keycap, smooth lines, comfortable feeling and anti-fatigue. The Sickle is sure to improve your overall gameplay experience. High Quality Floating Keyboard - Floating keypads with up to 70 million Kailh switches lifespan for stable tactile feedback. Anti-interference and Antioxidation gold-plate interface and braid USB cables, guarantees stable data transmitting. Removable keycaps make the cleaning easier. Dimensions (HxWxD): 12.7x15x17.72x45cm Weight:1.43kg

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