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Royal Gourmet Cookware 10 Pcs Set

Royal Gourmet Cookware 10 Pcs Set

Brand: Royal Gourmet

$ 216.00 $ 270.00

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Cookware 10 pcs set granite scw40 contains: 20, 24 & 28cm casseroles 28cm shallow casserole – 28cm deep fry pan material: cast aluminum 1. Inside: pfulon grey marble coating (2 layer, 2 dots) 2. Outside: heat resistant paint-ptfe grey shine 3. Bottom: hole induction bottom (nih 01 as pic) 4. Lid: fda silicone glass lid 5. Knob: black with grey bakelite (k079) 6. Handle: detachable, black with grey (h063) 7. Ear: detachable, black with grey (e30)

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