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Revamp Progloss Tight Curl Stick, To-1100

Revamp Progloss Tight Curl Stick, To-1100

Brand: Revamp

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SKU: KO14232288

5 pre-set temperatures from 120? C - 210? C 10mm fully ceramic heated stick progloss essential oil infused with keratin, argan & coconut infused barrel for ultimate smoothness ultra fast pro ptc heater � for ultimate fast heat-up and heat recovery rubberised matte black finish 60 minute safety shut off includes heat-resistant glove worldwide voltage suitable for use on dry hair only 3m salon grade cable give your tight curls that extra oomph. Create perfectly formed super tight curls and enhanced definition with the progloss tight curl stick. With a variable temperature range and tight 10mm curl stick, you are sure to achieve your best look in next to no time. Product weight - 144g

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