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Nutribullet Portable Cordless Blender 475ml , Nb-pb475k

Nutribullet Portable Cordless Blender 475ml , Nb-pb475k

Brand: Nutribullet

$ 75.00

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Hit the road with the magic bullet Portable Blender, an on-the-go blender that mixes smoothies, protein shakes, party drinks, flavored water, and more, wherever you happen to be.

Charged via USB-C, this blender is designed for optimum portability, with a handled lid and a battery equipped to power through 15+ blending cycles per charge.

It also comes with a water infuser inset for steeping spa-quality H20 in seconds.

It’s lightweight, it’s compact, and it’s ready to blend any time, anywhere.


7.4V USB-C Rechargeable Motor Base

2,000 mAh batteries

16 oz cup

Sip & carry lid

USB-C charging cable

Detachable flavor infuser

15+ automatic blend cycles per full charge

Reaches a full charge in 90 minutes or less

Dimensions (HxWxD): 8.38x9.5x25.81cm

Weight: 0.74kg

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