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Medinox Standard Elasticated Knee Support -S

Medinox Standard Elasticated Knee Support -S

$ 8.00

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SKU: MX71111

The Medinox elastic knee brace provides support for injured or weakened muscles and wrists. Moderate compression helps reduce swelling and prevents worsening of symptoms.

Suitable for practicing sports

It provides medium compression

Ergonomic design

It can be worn both on the right and on the left

Breathable material – allows perspiration ventilation

It is not embarrassing to perform physical exercises

High quality elastic fabric – ensures stretch in two directions

It can be worn under clothes

Contributes to recovery after surgery and trauma

It is made of soft elastic material, which ensures durable support, ventilation and comfort

Suitable for daily use

Indicated for both women and men

Composition: 54% polyester, 46% elastic

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