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Mascube Sport Gym Armband Phone Holder Case 19x12cm #cpnj07-06 Grey

Mascube Sport Gym Armband Phone Holder Case 19x12cm #cpnj07-06 Grey

Brand: Maliks

$ 3.46


SKU: 1111100425651

This armband is ideal to use as workout accessories for women, men, boys and girls alike. This lightweight armband keeps your smartphone secured and protected, every time! Adjustable armband protects and stabilizes your cellphone, without slipping or constricting, so you can exercise for hours with your entertainment, stay connected and enjoy great comfort. The built-in hidden key holder helps you minimize carrying extra things when hitting the gym! We've even included a reflective strip, for safe running in low light conditions! Made from the highest quality soft neoprene, this armband is molded to twist and bend, but will not stretch out of shape. Capable of standing up to even the very toughest of workouts or marathons, the armband will cope with anything you can throw at it! Very easy to insert and remove your device. The armband is even hand-washable with gentle soap and water, then air dry. Allows easy access to all buttons, ports and functions, our armband offers full screen coverage yet you will retain full touch screen functionality. A special sweat resistant layer ensures your device always stays dry, and it is very easy to connect your headphones during your workout, via the available ports located on the reverse of the armband.

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