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Marine Business Summer - Mug -beige - Set 6 Pcs

Marine Business Summer - Mug -beige - Set 6 Pcs

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SKU: Summer - Mug -Beige - Set 6 pcs

Melamine tableware. Enjoy ultra strong and safe dishes High quality materials and dishwasher safe! Exclusive designs, and with many accessories to combine.

100% resistant and safe, fall-proof!

Unbreakable tableware with a unique style that offers comfort and safety as well as being made of the highest quality materials


 The resistant and stackable Summer melamine mug allows you to use it both to enjoy a good cappuccino or coffee as well as a mug of beer.

This mug is made of high quality melamine and goes with other melamine accessories from the same collection.

The Summer line products have a colour interior and an off-white exterior, ideal for combining with other melamine kitchenware.

All pieces are made of high density melamine, drop-proof and dishwasher-safe

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