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Lekue Spice Shaker
Lekue Spice Shaker
Lekue Spice Shaker
Lekue Spice Shaker

Lekue Spice Shaker

Brand: The Potlok

$ 6.66

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SKU: 0320055G13U002

A practical jar for all types of powdered and herb spices. Designed for more efficient use: you can open it with one hand and use its 2 positions to pour your desired amount. Your spices in order in your kitchen and always ready to add flavor to your dishes!

 This spice shaker features a dual opening for serving all types of spices. The sprinkle function is perfect for powdered spices such as turmeric, curry and cinnamon. While the pour function is perfect for leaves and seeds such as oregano, parsley and cumin, or for a larger serving.

Don’t let anything slow you down while cooking and open the spice shaker at the side you prefer with an easy click, using only one hand while cooking or stirring with the other. Once used, click to return the lid to its stored position. The built-in lid has a position indicator.

 It is an ideal container for storing spices bought in bulk or at the supermarket. It is also great to always have spice blends that you prepare at home on hand: chimichurri, ras el hanout, garam masala… choose the spices you like best!


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