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Lekue Salt/spice Jar
Lekue Salt/spice Jar
Lekue Salt/spice Jar

Lekue Salt/spice Jar

Brand: The Potlok

$ 28.86

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SKU: 0320012G13U002

A practical container designed for your everyday condiments such as salt and even sugar. This modern kitchen salt cellar has an innovative touch for more efficient use and features a moisture-proof seal to preserve your ingredients. 

 When not in use, the container will remain airtight, thanks to the lid's Platinum Silicone gasket. You can open it again easily while cooking: simply press the back of the lid with one hand.

 This glass container is the ideal size of 500 ml, so you don't have to constantly refill it. It is designed for long-lasting and hygienic use and will also add a decorative accent to your kitchen. 

 It also includes a measuring spoon perfect for more accurate recipes such as dough and desserts. The spoon clicks into the lid when not in use, so doesn't get in the way or get lost.


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