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Lekue Reusable Piping Bag Set
Lekue Reusable Piping Bag Set

Lekue Reusable Piping Bag Set

Brand: The Potlok

$ 22.20

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SKU: 0650040B04M017

This reusable piping bag has been designed with everything in mind. You can use it again and again for all types of preparations simply by washing it after each use. It's dishwasher safe, and easy to clean. For this reason, this piping bag will help you reduce the use of single-use plastics.


Thanks to its thin, flexible material and with the necessary rigidity to avoid having to exert too much pressure, you can handle the dough perfectly, as with a traditional plastic piping bag. Smooth inside to squeeze the dough out easily, and rough outside for a better grip.


This practical set also includes 3 standard size stainless steel nozzles for all uses. They will allow you to decorate your cakes, fill in your cream puffs and pies and pipe the cupcake dough into the molds perfectly. The nozzles are screwed to a coupler, which ensures the tip is securely in place and no dough will leak. You can change the piping tip while the bag is full, and switch from filling in a carrot cake to decorating a cupcake!


Our reusable piping bag measures 40 cm, a perfect size for all uses, from decorating in detail to piping more dough. It's transparent, so you can identify the contents, see how much is left and spot any air bubbles. It comes with a printed line indicating the maximum amount of dough for easy filling and use.

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