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Lékué Classic Creamy Ice Cream Set
Lékué Classic Creamy Ice Cream Set

Lékué Classic Creamy Ice Cream Set

Brand: The Potlok

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SKU: 3400235SURU150

With the Lékué Classic Creamy Ice Cream Set you can prepare some wonderful and healthy homemade shortbread, and round them off with the topping that you like the most. This set of 4 individual molds with lids comes with a bowl that is ideal for melting the chocolate and dipping your popsicles easily and quickly. And since they are made of platinum silicone , they come out of the mold in no time!

You will see how wonderful the Lékué Classic Creamy Ice Cream Set is :

  • The four molds are individual and come with the reusable stick , so you can take the ice cream one by one, thus avoiding breaking the cold chain in the other three.
  • The lids are stackable , so in addition to allowing you to keep them safe from odors and flavors and avoid spills when putting them in the freezer, you can place them taking up very little space.
  • They are very easy to unmold thanks to the flexible silicone . The smooth inner surface of the molds is non-stick. It won't take long to get your mantecados out of the refrigerators, to start bathing them with your favorite topping!
  • The accessory container is made of platinum silicone, like the molds . It is ideal for bathing popsicles thanks to its shape as a tall bowl. Once frozen, you just have to melt the chocolate in the microwave and submerge the ice cream holding it by the stick. The contrast in temperatures will make it harden quickly, so add the toppings right away!
  • And if there's any leftover topping, you can leave it in the container for the next round of sundaes!

Go ahead and prepare some simple and healthy homemade ice creams , as great as the professionals, because with this set it is very simple! With fruit, yogurt, cream, cocoa or vanilla, your ice creams are rich and very natural , since you will control the ingredients you use at all times

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