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Lékué – Cheese Maker
Lékué – Cheese Maker
Lékué – Cheese Maker

Lékué – Cheese Maker

Brand: The Potlok

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The Cheese Maker lets you make fresh cheese in a simple 15-minute cooking process and an hour and a half of resting, thanks to its three elements: a bowl to warm the milk, a lid that measures the acid to pour and a strainer where the cheese is formed … as magical as it is easy.

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Fresh cheese has proteins of high biological value and easily absorbed calcium but also minerals such as magnesium, phosphorus and A, B and D group vitamins, so it is a useful food for all ages and especially for the growth stages or in diets to regain muscle mass.


Fresh cheese can be made with pasteurised cow’s, sheep’s or goat’s milk (in the latter cases with less fat) and we can find Burgos cheese in Spain, which includes salt, petit-suisse in France, which is ideal for children as it includes sugar, or German quark cheese with skimmed cow’s milk, which is creamier and more acidic.

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