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Leifheit 3089 Tong & Spatula 2in1

Leifheit 3089 Tong & Spatula 2in1

Brand: Leifheit

$ 16.80

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SKU: 168443

Two functions in one device: this saves space in the cupboard and a lot time. The Leifheit tongs turner 2 in 1 is exactly the thing one needs for frying. For the turning of the steak, for example, it is a sturdy spatula. For the save serving it turns in a matter of seconds into a tongs. A new lock mechanism makes it possible: simply release the lock and the spatula turns into a tongs. The end of the tongs is made of elastic, up to 160°C heat-resistant nylon, which does not leave scratches in Teflon coated pans. The handle of stainless steel is pleasant and sturdy in the hand.

offers two functions in one device: turns into a matter of seconds from a spatula into a tongs

one-handed to operate thanks to new lock mechanism

tongs front of heat-resistant nylon protects sensitive pans

sturdy handle of stainless steel

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