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Korkomaz A1351 Gusto Plus Alu. Casserole 20x10cm / 3.0 L.

Korkomaz A1351 Gusto Plus Alu. Casserole 20x10cm / 3.0 L.

Brand: Korkmaz

$ 44.00


SKU: 269402

NONSTICK GRANITE COATING: The nonstick pot has a volcanic-looking PTFE coating with excellent non-stick properties on interior surfaces. Korkmaz Gusto Die Cast aluminum casserole, which is coated with 5 layers of volcanite PTFE, is unique with its non-stick and scratch-resistant features.

LEAD-FREE & HEALTHY: Nonstick cooking pots are very healthy since it does not contain PFOA, cadmium, or lead and has the ability to cook without removing toxic gas. Also, these non-stick casserole pots are produced from a recyclable, completely natural material, with environmentally friendly technology.

CASSEROLE FLAVOR: With its structure that retains heat for a long time, these stock pots cook stew-like meals. So, stew pots offer you quality, health, and taste altogether.

HIGH THERMAL CONDUCTIVITY: These cooking pots have high thermal conductivity and provides 2 times higher performance and energy savings.

SIZE & CAPACITY: Large and small sizes of these soup pots are offered. The large non-stick pot is 7.87 inches in diameter and 3.93 inches in height. Also, it has a capacity of 3.1.

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