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Korkmaz Wok 28 Cm
Korkmaz Wok 28 Cm

Korkmaz Wok 28 Cm

Brand: Korkmaz

$ 46.00

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SKU: 239164

Kor a1267 wok 28x8,5 cm Excellent non-stick coating on internal and external surfaces. Extra scratch resistance and equipment. Environmentally-friendly production technology. Easy to clean It provides high cooking performance even in low heat with its high thermal conductivity. Makes more delicious dishes using less oil than other cookware types. Manufactured from recyclable materials. Buy Korkmaz Granita Wokpan 28 cm online from Zubaidas. We have a wide range of Kitchenware available. Granita cookware provides maximum time and energy saving thanks to the Solar Base system which provides the highest heat transfer on all types of furnaces including induction.

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