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Korkmaz Low Granite Casserole 26cm
Korkmaz Low Granite Casserole 26cm

Korkmaz Low Granite Casserole 26cm

Brand: Korkmaz

$ 35.00

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SKU: 239160

Kor a1263 low casserole 26x7 cm / 3,5 lt olcanic looking PTFE coating with excellent non-stick property on interior surfaces Extra resistance and resistance to scratching Environmentally friendly production technology Easy to clean It is durable up to 70.000 washes. Provides maximum time and energy savings thanks to the Solar Base base system, which provides the highest heat transfer on all types of furnaces including induction. Cooking without toxic gas (PFOA, cadium or lead free) With its high thermal conductivity, it provides high cooking performance even at low heat. It uses less oil than other types of cookware to make more delicious meals. It is produced from materials that can be recycled. The raw material of the volcanite coating is produced in the city of Weilburger in Germany with German technology. Granita, produced from recycled, completely natural material, with environmentally friendly technology, makes delicious meals using very little oil with its extra-resistant volcanite-looking PTFE coating and high temperature resistant silicone outer coating. NOT SCRATCHED! PTFE material providing superior resistance; It is applied to the surface in thick layers on top of each other, ensuring that it is resistant to scratches. NO STICK! With not 1, not 2, but 5 layers of granite coating, it offers superior non-stick property from pot to pan. HEALTHY! The harmful PFOA substance contained in the PTFE coating and that appears when scratched is not found in granite coatings. EASY GOING! It is compatible with both normal cookers and induction cookers. AESTHETIC! Thanks to the spraying method, the surface of the granite stone effect is given, revealing its elegance at first sight.

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