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Zwilling Knife Block, Bamboo, 6 Pcs-zwi Pro
Zwilling Knife Block, Bamboo, 6 Pcs-zwi Pro
Zwilling Knife Block, Bamboo, 6 Pcs-zwi Pro
Zwilling Knife Block, Bamboo, 6 Pcs-zwi Pro

Zwilling Knife Block, Bamboo, 6 Pcs-zwi Pro

Brand: Zwilling

$ 425.00

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SKU: ZWI-38448-000-0

Safe storage and knives that remain sharp for a lifetime* – with no grinding by hand required.

The ZWILLING SharpBlock with KIS technology will take care of your knife set from the ZWILLING Pro series from now on. All you have to do is: nothing. Because the kitchen knives are sharpened automatically each time you pull them out of the block. Whether you are a professional chef or hobby cook:

There is no easier way to achieve optimal cutting edge retention and the quality of your knives. The mechanism behind it is both simple and brilliant in equal measure. The slots for knives with a smooth edge contain two integrated ceramic sharpening stones positioned at the ideal grinding angle. When the knife is pulled out, the blades pass over the sharpening stones, which gently sharpens them. This means that your kitchen knives are sharp and ready for use – with no force required at all.

To ensure that the knives are not placed in the wrong slot by mistake, they are marked with pictograms for the relevant knife type. The 7-piece knife block has space for a larding and garnishing knife (10 cm), a utility knife (13 cm), a slicing knife (20 cm), a chef's knife (20 cm), a bread knife (20 cm) and multi-purpose shears and comes already complete with the relevant knives from the ZWILLING Pro series.  

But it's not just the properties of the ZWILLING SharpBlock that are impressive. The brown block made from ash wood is a real eye-catcher in its own right and makes a tasteful addition to any kitchen with its elegant design.  * In accordance with the German standard DIN EN ISO 8442-5: The cutting edge retention (CER) of the knife is retained, as the regular sharpening in the ZWILLING SharpBlock and use in accordance with the user manual keeps the blade at a razor-sharp level until the end of its service life (in accordance with DIN EN ISO 8442-5). Further information is available at

KIS (Keep It Sharp) technology: sharpens with each use

Automatically sharpens at the correct angle

No sharpening skills or training required

Pictograms indicate the slot for each knife

Saves time, saves space

Serrated knives are not re-sharpened

Set includes: 1 paring knife (10cm), 1 utility knife (13cm), 1 carving knife (20cm), 1 chef's knife (20cm), 1 bread knife (20cm), 1 stainless steel multi-purpose shears (20cm), 1 knife block empty.

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