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Kahla – O The Better Place Plate Flat White (22,5 Cm)

Kahla – O The Better Place Plate Flat White (22,5 Cm)

Brand: The Potlok

$ 38.85

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SKU: 026411A90002C

The O series is limited to only a few multifunctional pieces. Still, it has all the essential functions of tableware. The distinct fold on the upper side of the porcelain offers the chef new opportunities to creatively stage his culinary creations and divides all pieces into two zones: one a space for the food, the other a surface for holding the dish. This series was inspired by folded paper, by the technique of origami, which literally means: oru = fold, kami = paper. On the underside of the O articles and on the inner surfaces of the cup handles, a little surprise is hidden: a delicate relief consisting of additional folds. When the porcelain is placed on the table, the texture is barely visible. If you hold it in your hand, you will experience a pleasing tactile stimulation coming from the textured underside. Article number 026411A90002C EAN 4043982272429 Colour white quality premium quality Product type plate Size / Calibre 22,5 cm ovenproof Yes microwave safe Yes dish washer safe Yes

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