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Istanbul Darbuka Big Green Pointed, Rag-11

Istanbul Darbuka Big Green Pointed, Rag-11


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Darbuka keeps the rhythm in Turkish traditional music. It is an essential percussion instrument used in traditional music in Middle East, North Africa and the Balkans. Besides being an accompany, it can also be used as a solo instrument. It is a single-headed goblet drum made from pottery, wood or metal with an open bottom. A stretched skin is attached on its head, but now darbuka’s head can also be in plastic and these heads can be tuned with a key. Darbuka is one of our best-selling instruments and in our catalogue we provide you with a range of darbukas used in different regions. The types of darbuka existing in our catalogue are Egyptian Darbukas having heads with rounded edges, Turkish Darbukas which are light and easy to handle, and Clay Darbukas with ceramic goblets. The Turkish darbukas in our catalog are categorized as standard and special darbukas. The Turkish darbukas we sell in our store are manufactured by the best, local luthiers, each of which is an artisan. The heads of all of these darbukas are tunable and the darbukas even come to your hands with a tuning key. On the other hand, Turkish Bass Darbukas produced by Cumbus and Trirmusic, made of aluminum, are also available in our store. These models can be preferred because of their lightness. We are selling professional darbuka drums manufactured by Emin Percussion. These darbukas are again in metal, but their sizes are bigger than Cumbus’ copper darbukas, with skin dimeters ranging from 22 cm to 30,5 cm. Their body is copper, but they are chrome plated. They weigh heavier than darbukas made by Cumbus, and they sound bass. It comes with Tuning Key This is a small size darbuka Color: Green Dimensions (HxWxD): 35x23x23cm Weight: 076kg

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