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Innovagoods Robot Vaccum Cleaner 22cm Rovac 1000 #v0101195.
Innovagoods Robot Vaccum Cleaner 22cm Rovac 1000 #v0101195.

Innovagoods Robot Vaccum Cleaner 22cm Rovac 1000 #v0101195.

Brand: Maliks

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SKU: 8435527814557

This rechargeable smart robot vacuum cleaner is the ideal solution for cleaning the floor quickly, efficiently and conveniently. It has a removable dust deposit, which is easy to clean, and multi-directional 360º rotation. Includes USB charging cable.

A modern robot floor vacuum cleaner that changes direction when it encounters obstacles and which, thanks to its sensors and extra-flat design, fits under most items of furniture.

Multi-directional, 360º rotation: this smart vacuum cleaner has sensors for detecting obstacles and will change direction automatically. Its multi-directional rotation enables it to cover the whole floor surface, providing a total clean.

Extra-flat design: our robot floor vacuum cleaner will delight you with its modern and elegant design in white. It is made from ABS, is lightweight, compact and extra flat, which makes it easy to transport and store, and takes up very little space. It also fits under most items of furniture for a total clean.

Comfortable and effective cleaning: our powerful extra-flat vacuum robot is suitable for most types of floor surfaces. It cleans floors throughout the house quickly and efficiently while you enjoy more free time or carry out other tasks. An effortless and totally convenient way to keep your home clean.

Removable dust deposit: this multi-directional robot vacuum cleaner is very easy to use, as it has an on/off button for switching it on and off whenever you require it. It has a removable dust deposit where it stores the dirt it picks up, which can be removed easily for cleaning.

Rechargeable: our floor cleaning robot is rechargeable and has a large capacity lithium battery with high suction power (1500 mAh). It includes a USB cable and has a light to indicate level of charge. Charging time is just 2 hours and it will operate automatically for up to approximately 80 minutes on one charge.

Material: ABS

Colour: White

Modern design: Innovative and functional

Type: Robot Vacuum Cleaner

On/off button: On/off interrupter

360º rotation: Multi-directional

Flat: Cleans under furniture

Universal: Suitable for all types of floors

Faster and more effective cleaning: Save time and effort

Removable container: Easy to clean

Easy to use: Convenient and easy to use

Compact: Takes up a small amount of space

Light and manageable: Easy to transport and store

Rechargeable: USB load

Includes: USB Cable

Characteristics: LED charge indicator light

Approx. charging time: 2 hours

Approx. autonomy: 80 minutes

Battery type: Li-Ion

Battery capacity: 1500 mAh

DC In: 5 V / 1 A

Approx. dimensions: Ø22,5 x 7 cm

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