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Haeger Great Citrus Juicer - 1.2l, White, Cj-040.009a

Haeger Great Citrus Juicer - 1.2l, White, Cj-040.009a

Brand: haeger

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SKU: CJ-040.009A

Bi-directional rotation

2 pressure cones

Protective lid

Outlet to the tank or directly into the cup

1.2 litre capacity

Power: 40 Watts

The HAEGER Great Juice White Citrus Juicer is an essential tool for all lovers of natural juices.

Equipped with a powerful 40 Watt motor, this juicer promises efficiency and speed in the preparation of your favourite drinks.

With a capacity of 1.2 litres, it is ideal for meeting the needs of families or for those who want to obtain a larger quantity of juice in one go.

The bi-directional rotation feature maximises juice extraction, while the two pressure cones adapt perfectly to different sizes of citrus fruit.

The juice spout offers versatility, allowing you to choose between filling a glass directly or storing it in the integrated tank.

The protective lid ensures hygiene and protection when the appliance is not in use.

The white design blends in with any style of kitchen, providing a touch of elegance.

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