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Haeger Digital Air Fryer – 4.7l, Glass Bowl, Af-g45.006a
Haeger Digital Air Fryer – 4.7l, Glass Bowl, Af-g45.006a

Haeger Digital Air Fryer – 4.7l, Glass Bowl, Af-g45.006a

Brand: haeger

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SKU: AF-G45.006A

8 cooking programmes with 360? hot air

Digital touchscreen control

Glass bowl capacity: 4.5 litres

Better visualisation of food during cooking

Dishwasher-safe tempered glass bowl

60-minute timer

Digital control of temperature from 60? to 200?

Power: 1200 Watts – 220-240V~ 50/60Hz

The HAEGER Air Glass air fryer with 4.5 litre tempered glass tank is more than just an appliance, it’s a revolution in contemporary cooking.

Combining cutting-edge technology, elegant design and advanced functionalities, this appliance is essential for all lovers of healthy and practical cooking.

Equipped with 8 preset programmes, this fryer is ideal for a variety of dishes, from crispy fries, juicy chicken to delicate vegetables.

Each programme has been meticulously adjusted to optimise time and temperature, guaranteeing perfect results every time.

The secret to this fryer’s success lies in its 360? hot air system. The even distribution of hot air ensures that food is cooked evenly on all sides.

This preserves flavour and texture while reducing the need for oil, making every dish healthier.

Its power of 1200 Watts also means that food is prepared quickly and efficiently, saving time and energy.

The touchscreen digital control makes using the fryer easy and intuitive.

Setting the time, adjusting the temperature or choosing a programme becomes a simple and uncomplicated task.

Cleaning is made easier by the tempered glass bowl, which is resistant to high temperatures and suitable for the dishwasher.

In addition, the tempered glass provides added durability, withstanding daily use and preserving the fryer’s new appearance for longer.

Dimensions (HxWxD): 385x325x348mm

Weight: 6kg

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