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Green Lion Magsafe 2 (iphone 13pro (6.1-inch)), Gnmagcmr13pbl

Green Lion Magsafe 2 (iphone 13pro (6.1-inch)), Gnmagcmr13pbl


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Greenlion magsafe 2 (iphone 13pro (6. 1-inch)) the new green lion matte magsafe case now includes built-in magnets that allows you to simply snap on your magsafe charger and accessories for the fastest wireless charging experience. Magsafe compactible: maximize your iphone 13 pro charging feature with built-in magnets that works easily on magsafe charger & accessories. Drop proctection: your phone fell off your hands? No worries, green matte magsafe case is designed to keep your device safe and protected against shocks and drops. Magnetic suction: support various magnetic accessories. Imd process: using environmental imd process, has higher rate at qualified case. High transparent: applying high transparent tpu material and keep the original of device. Non-yellowing: using imd process to offer a protective film on the surface and back of the device, ensuring the tpu has longer anti-oxidized time.

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