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Gorenje, Vacuum Cleaner 800w Bagless
Gorenje, Vacuum Cleaner 800w Bagless
Gorenje, Vacuum Cleaner 800w Bagless

Gorenje, Vacuum Cleaner 800w Bagless

Brand: Gorenje

$ 129.00 $ 153.00

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The outlet HEPA filter eliminates over 99% of particles from the air, including pollen and mite excrement, which is essential for those suffering from asthma or allergies. There is also a second HEPA filter on the dust container for extra effect.

Moving smoothly across any surface

Rubber wheels prevent damage to delicate flooring and provide solid traction. The vacuum cleaner does not leave any marks or scratches as it moves across smooth or rough surfaces.

Brush or nozzle

The vacuum cleaner is equipped with a special 2in1 nozzle, which simplify cleaning of your home.

Saving space

Thanks to its compact design, the vacuum cleaner is perfect choice for smaller apartments. It can easily be stored in a pantry or closet as it takes up less space.

Soft, gradual motor start

Soft start motors are more energy efficient and have a longer useful life. As a result of lower torque during motor start, the load is transmitted to all motor moving parts gradually, which in turn puts less stress on the motor and reduces power consumption.

Automatic cable reel

Automatic cable reel, standard Gorenje vacuum cleaner equipment, will automatically reel the cable back into the appliance housing.

Vacuum type For dry cleaning

Cabinet material Plastic

Tube material Metal chromed

Dust box capacity 2.2 L

Number of nozzles 2 pcs

Universal brush Universal brush 

Number of filters 2 HEPA filters

Noise level (max) 78 dB(A)

Connected load 800 W

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