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Gorenje, Steam Station 2400w 7.5 Bar Ceramic

Gorenje, Steam Station 2400w 7.5 Bar Ceramic

Brand: Gorenje

$ 199.00 $ 235.00

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Faster and better ironing

120 g/min steam rate and max 600 g/min steam boost. The more steam, the faster the ironing. The consistent powerful steam penetrates deep into the fabric to make your ironing easier, faster and better. Steam power can be regulated to fit your needs.

Additional boost of steam for better results

To make ironing effortless, two additional steam shot buttons are a perfect solution. With extra-strong and powerful continuous flow of steam (120 g/min) or boost of steam at higher vapour rate (max 600 g/min), you'll enjoy the best quality ironing. All within your thumb's reach.

No time lost with adding water during an ironing session

No pile is too high when you finally start ironing. The size of the water tank is 1.7 l and it is sufficient for ironing large quantities of laundry. Easily removable tank allows refilling without waiting or switching off the appliance.

Ready for use in 2 minutes

The steam is ready for use in 2 minutes and the water tank can be refilled at any time during ironing, which makes your ironing experience energy-saving and much more joyful.

Safe and easy transport and carrying

An iron lock allows your iron to lock securely to the base, so you can carry your steam generator easily.

Heater power 2400 W

Volume of water tank 1.7 l

Number of power levels 2

Steam pressure 7.5 bar

LED display - Temperature indicator for full control - Water hardness indicator - Water level indicator - Advance pump - Automatic power-off.

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