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Gefu – Hamburger Press Spark
Gefu – Hamburger Press Spark

Gefu – Hamburger Press Spark

Brand: Gefu

$ 54.39

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SKU: 15410

Making hamburgers the easy way. Just press the desired quantity of minced meat or another mixture into the stainless steel dish and get it into shape with the porcelain plunger. Take the burger out and fry it in the pan or on the barbecue. Thanks to the dimple in the stainless steel dish the burger keeps its shape, and the ridges in the plunger make sure it is done in no time at all. Simple, quick, delicious! Meat quantity CLASSIC: 120g; KING-SIZE: 180g Stainless steel container dimpled to keep the burger in shape Ridges in stainless steel container and plunger shorten frying time Material: 18/10 stainless steel, porcelain Dishwasher-safe 5 years warranty

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