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Frying Pan Sensation 28 Cm

Frying Pan Sensation 28 Cm

Brand: Zwilling

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SKU: ZWI-66008-280-0

ZWILLING Sensation, truly innovative cookware that entices from first sight and amazes with a single touch.

Made in Belgium, this technologically advanced cookware features SILVINOX® to ensure its beautiful, long-lasting silvery sheen lasts for years. An initial grasp of the shot-blasted textured handles confirms ZWILLING Sensation as truly innovative.

Incredibly comfortable and securely welded, these handles inspire professional chefs & home cooks alike to toss and serve instinctively, without hesitation. The 5-ply SIGMA Clad construction is the core ingredient for rapid, even and stable heat distribution enabling optimal control over the cooking process. This beautiful frying pan from the ZWILLING Sensation range is the perfect choice to make succulent steaks, chops, fillets and lots of other delicious dishes.

   SIGMA Clad 5-Ply construction with enhanced base‐stability eliminates deflection and provides rapid, even heat distribution

   18/10 stainless steel interior promotes foods’ pure taste

   The advanced stay‐cool, v‐shaped handle features textured stainless steel for easy grip & scratch resistance

   All handles are welded thus more hygienic, easier to clean

   Silvinox electro‐chemical treatment enables a long-lasting silvery sheen on cookware surface

   Tight-fitting stainless steel lids for energy-efficient cooking

   Compatible with all cooktops including induction

   Oven safe up to 260C/500F

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